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- Virginia State fees: $75
- A certified copy of the Articles of Incorporation
- Our service fee of $89 includes:
a) Checking Name Availability,
b) Preparing and Reviewing Articles of Incorporation,
c) Filing Articles with State,
d) Sending Articles or Certificate of Incorporation to you.
e) Electronic forms like bylaws, minutes and notifications. These forms are necessary for running your corporation and are not provided by the state. Free for our clients.

Virginia regular filing is approximately 2 weeks. Expedite is approximately 7 days. 





Registered Agent with incorporation

If you want us to be your registered agent you have to elect reg. agent to be your manager / officer or director, because it is required by Virginia law. If you elect us to be your agent you agree that such election was made by shareholders or members.

Articles Delivery


Kit with incorporation


Self-serve Minutes

Every corporation must have regular meetings of shareholders and directors. Use self-serve option got access to do-it-yourself system on your IncContact account.

Company Minutes Preparation

Every company has to keep proper records. Let us prepare minutes for corporate meetings of directors, shareholders or members. Don't get your corporate veil pierced.

IRS Filings with incorporation


Total price: